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Possessed Baby Doll Possessed Baby Doll

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Constructive criticism.

There are much more interesting places to take your talents than something so trite and unoriginal. Gore and unpleasantness is an easy and obvious choice, when it comes to exploring an artistic medium. It's well-drawn, which is a shame because you could draw something that would actually be worthwhile for something other than its shock value. My point is that a beautiful and interesting picture of a baby would be more worth creating than something as meaningless and dull as this. I can't fault you for your capabilities, only the subject you've chosen.

Tommyrawr responds:

You call that constructive criticism? I call that babbling and waffling on about something as simple as, "use your talent to start an entirely new picture with completely different content", into an entire paragraph.

Constructive criticism would be telling me how I could make that particular picture better, but thank you for trying.