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2009-10-14 17:23:10 by ageReason



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2009-10-14 17:52:56

No! Wait, what? Yes, as I was saying . . . If you are in need of vocalists you can attempt to contact any of the voice actors and see if they meet your requirements. I realize that while it may not be simple due to the fact that they are advertising skills that are not what you are seeking, would it hurt to try? Just in case you wish to take this advice . . . link(y) down below. I am neither female nor a vocalist, so I can not help you in that respect. Best luck.

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/8 16630

Enjoy life.

ageReason responds:

I've actually already responded to most of the VAs in that thread, unfortunately. I've worked with a few of them successfully and the rest not so much. Thanks for the advice, though, I see a few new faces that I haven't tried to reach yet.


2010-02-07 17:42:18

hahahaha! well old bean, i am pleased you still are interested in my work! lol. now no offense, but in my experience on the net mate i have collected so many virtual friends its unbelievable! and i always forget about someone, if its not you its someone else. its just very hard to satisfy everyone especially when i have so much work to do now! ^ ^ i appreciate you popping by! i will comeo on MSN soon :)


2011-06-15 21:35:44

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