Entry #1

I am still looking for voice actors.

2009-04-05 20:29:01 by ageReason

Voice actors of all sorts, genders, talent-levels and ability are required to complete my next project.

Edit: The results of my collaboration with some voice actors has been successful and others have been, for the lack of a better word, catastrophic. I would go into more detail, but I don't want to upset, alienate or disturb anyone more than I already have. Consider this fair warning. Involving yourself with me is not guaranteed to be a completely agreeable or unsettling experience.
Leave a comment here or PM me.


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2009-04-05 20:35:43

Hmm... maybe.


2009-04-09 16:09:41

yayness. Am i your first ever voice actor then dude???

To protect newgrounds for devistation
to prevent the portal constipation
clog up with nonsense shite
we tweeze it out without a fight
Team Broccoli blast ended screwt at the speed of light
Surrender now... or by Nachos.

ageReason responds:

Dear, dear james
You put the rest to shame
If you went up in flames
I'd never be the same


2009-04-09 16:10:52

P.s. that rhyme was not hate man.
it was implying we are Uber ninjas who rid the portals of nensence by replacing it with random things and joyness :D:D:D
Charlie the unicorn rocks.


2009-04-09 17:16:54

hm... i might take your offer :P


2009-04-23 17:01:51

LOL... omg... TBH jessy i am more likely to alienate YOU. lol.... it takes EPIC shit to piss me off. you rock and if people cant connect or understand you then they are missing out. PS i dont know if you got the message but msn fucking SUCKS. :D:D:D


2009-07-15 03:08:55

Hey ageReason and Stalagmite------>
You guys are just crazy, you KNOW that I'm right.

I'm not really sure what your rhymes are about,
but MY V.A. tip is tryin' to bust out.

On a page or collabs, all UP in your face,
so give me chance to share some of my grace(fully schitzophrenic abilities).

Yeah, ageReason, if you ask, I will come, and I have. Here I am, see?
Awaiting your creative ideas to wake up tonight and come visit me.
You really got meh curious, Man.
*twiddles my thumbs and waits for your response*
Oh yeah, and I wanted to say hey to Stalagmite too, so "Hey Stalagmite!".
*waves excitedly to one of the most friendly NG's V.A. I have come across*

.............Take care, be good and be safe in the Hood.period


2009-08-31 21:31:05

I can see you're not one for responding to your blog comments, ageReason-->
You been ah-ite? Haven't heard from you in awhile.
Just checkin' to see if you had dropped off the face of the Earth OR if you had simply wished I had. Heh heh heh What's up, Man, you ok? Hope to hear something from you soon. If you HAVE dropped off the face of the Earth, we need to find a way for you to contact me from there. I have SO many questions about the other side.
Until I hear from you again, friend. . .

...........Take care, be good and tie a rope every 30 yards or so.period